Bathrooms are one of the most exciting rooms in the home when it comes to tiles. I believe it’s one of the areas in the house where you can show off some of your unique style. There are plenty of trends that come and go in this area which makes Its important to stick to your own tastes and not include too many features in a small space.

A trend that we are seeing emerging from the capital cities currently are large format tiles. The largest size I have heard of is 3mx1m, which is simply massive. We have always been a little behind in the trend when it comes to large format tiles. Over the last few years we have started running the 600×600’s floor and wall, which in its self is a feature. Large format also helps with minimal grout and ease of cleaning. With the reduction of grout joints, using the large format it helps the area look less busy and helps to open up the area visually. A key point here to mention is that it is important to check with your tiler on the extra costs on the laying of them.

The key to a unique bathroom is to choose the right feature to show off your own style. With the tile market being flooded with new and different features tiles weekly there is such a wide variety of options that it is nearly endless and can go as far as your imagination can. Whether your feature is something as simple as having the same tile floor and wall and using your vanity as the feature or doing a full wall in a pattern, each feature has its place. A popular way of adding a focal point to a bathroom is to use feature tiles on a single wall to create a backdrop for a statement bath. Or the floor tile to make your white bath really pop.

Mosaics are a popular trend and although rumoured to be going out, they definitely have staying power. The choice of mosaic tile designs give you options of colours, shapes and textures with something for every style and personality. The most popular use for mosaics is vertical strips in showers, baths & vanities. Lately we are seeing them used more so in the backs of niches or full front of baths.

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom takes time. There are a huge range of different colours shapes and textures available to suit your need. We strongly recommend borrowing samples to take home and place in your light and surroundings. If you need help in making your dream bathroom a reality, please feel free to pop down for a chat at Harbour City Tiles & Carpets. 😉