How to Renovate Your Kitchen & Bathroom Before Bringing Your House to Market

Before And After Of Modern Kitchen Apartment Room In Renovated House

It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms sell properties. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that you should look for when renovating your kitchen or bathroom, when it comes time to sell. 

When buyers come through your property they’ve definitely got their buyer goggles on. And what do I mean by that? They’re looking at everything. They’re looking at things that they are going to have to fix, things they’ll need to replace, and ultimately how much it’s going to cost their hip pocket. To reduce those objections, we want to make sure they are a smooth experience when they’re coming into the house. Review the aesthetic of your property; people like pretty and that’s going to help get you a premium when it comes time to sell.

We know that kitchens and bathrooms also are a little bit more expensive when it does come time to renovate or refurbish. So you need to make that decision: are you going to be refurbishing the existing space or will you be renovating? 

What is the difference between those two things? 

Refurbishing is looking at existing features and embellishing them. A little bit of painting, some new fittings, handles, and maybe a finish on the top like benches which you can easily do with some vinyl and other excellent products out there on the market. 

Renovating is ripping the whole thing out and changing the space. We are talking about changing the actual footprint the bathroom or kitchen. Speak to a professional; we’ve got plenty on our #Renovate4680 panel and there is a list on our Preferred Tradies page.

When renovating any space, it’s not just about the aesthetic. We also need to consider in a contract situation, building and pest and council compliance clauses. This is really common for buyers; not only are they including these in a contract but also electrical inspections. For older properties, this is crucial because we need to make sure that our home is clean, safe, and compliant, not only from a property management perspective, but also from a selling perspective.

If you are stuck for inspiration, make sure you check out Tess’s upcoming video about what’s on trend for kitchens and bathrooms in 2019. That video will be coming out shortly!

We have a full list of trade qualified and preferred contractors, suppliers on our Preferred Tradies page if you need quotes and a little bit of advice around what you can do with your living space. 

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Alicia Williams – LOCATIONS estate agents