LOCATIONS estate agents shares tips on how best to photograph your recently renovated kitchen or bathroom.

Light is a basic element of photography; turn those light switches on!

In the kitchen, turn the light on in the range hood.

For the bathroom, just turn on the standard lights and avoid turning on the heated lamps because they can create a yellow and orange colour cast throughout your image.

Something to keep in mind is that white light globes create a cool lighting effect. The yellow and orange light globes create a warm effect. So definitely install those light globes with deliberate intention.

Create images that are aesthetically pleasing with a few very simple tips:

  • Depersonalise the space by removing family photos
  • Declutter the room and create strong leading lines in the image
  • Utilize soft furnishings to a minimum. Be sure that everything in the space is very deliberate and that nothing is distracting.
  • Display towels and mats with caution. Whilst they are very pretty, they can cover a lot of the floors, walls and grout that the judges need to see in your image.
  • When photographing a bathroom with a toilet: please put the lid down.

The quality of your photo is not what is being judged, but a good photo will certainly help the judges see the space in the way that you intended.

Whilst it can be beneficial to hire a professional real estate photographer, smartphones can take a really good photo but please avoid applying any filters.

Gladstone, get those entries in and good luck!